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About epiGAD

The Epilepsy Genetic Association Database (epiGAD) is an online repository of data relating to genetic association studies in the field of epilepsy.

It summarises the results of both published and unpublished studies, and is intended as a tool for researchers in the field to keep abreast of recent studies, providing a "bird's eye view" of this research area. It also meant to foster collaboration between different research groups, and it is hoped that epiGAD will act as a 'matchmaker' between these groups. Finally, by including unpublished studies, we hope to reduce the problem of publication bias and provide more accurate data for future meta-analyses.

The epiGAD website is supported by the ILAE Genetics Commission.

epiGAD is best viewed using Firefox 4.0 or Internet Explorer 8 and above. Using Internet Explorer 6 and below will result in significantly slower viewing of the database.

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New! Meta-data from the recent Lancet Neurology paper by the ILAE Consortium on Complex Epilepsies can be download from the GWAS section, or directly by clicking here.

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